Kino friends, join us on the 16th of March for a new edition of the KinoCaen festival !

This year, and like every other year, the programme of the week is: three 72 hour sessions to create short-films, screenings to show them, concerts and surprises… The Village will be decorated in a new way, all the while staying as comfortable and cosy as you’ve always known it to be, where you will be able to rest, have a drink and a snack between shoots.

The first Friday night is an occasion for the KinoCaen team to tell the participants all about the week to come. The participants can use this moment to meet amongst themselves and take the stage for a minute to introduce themselves.
There will be a concert, and an opening party to follow.


The participants with a film project can take the stage to describe their project, and tell the production team what they need (filming equipment, sets and locations, team members, actors…).

The opening night is an occasion to discover The Village, meet members of the KinoCaen team, get to know the other participants and take the stage for a short self-introduction, before joining the festivities to relax with a drink and listen to a concert.
At 10 am the next day, is the production meeting that starts off the 72 hour session.
There, the participants who have an idea will take the stage a second time in order to describe their projects and their needs to make it happen. The production meeting is a fundamental part of the Kino experience, as it is the moment where teams are formed and the films start coming to life.
Right after that meeting, the teams start working in amongst themselves to write their stories down and start planning the shoot, or start shooting that same day if they feel up to it !
The next day is the biggest part of the filming, when the teams may face huge challenges and surprises on the different sets they film on.
The editing of the short-film can start that very night, and has to end the next day, before the public screening at 8pm.
The screening is what we like to refer as « the big reveal », where teams get to see their hard work turned into film on the big screen.
After all, « That’s where the magic happens » isn’t it ?