2017 Edition : 152 participants, 9 different nationalities present, and 63 films shown before a total of 1200 spectators.

Our project

« Kino Caen »  renders it feasible to make a film now, giving directors, actors, directors of photography, writers, sound technicians, editors, lighting technicians and lovers of cinema in general, the opportunity to come together and pool their resources with a view to creating a 5 min short-film in a 72 hour span.

To make this possible and still maintain acceptable standards, there is a team of 25 professionals on hand in order to accompany the participants in the production of their films:
All participants may refer to this team for help with filming locations, equipment, editing advice and so on. In addition to the core members of the crew, there is a team of volunteers to help run the « village » life of the festival.

Between shoots participants may access the village, major meeting point, where the bar and the recreational facilities are located. The production area houses the Wardrobe and Make-up sections, the Editing Room, and an area called « The Shop » where filming equipment can be borrowed.