The project initiator, or team leader must be present at the production meeting to have their project validated.

All of the film projects proposed must be validated by the production team, by registering them onto a « project form » which can be filled out at the end of the meeting.

A project initiator or team leader may only direct one short-film during the week (not counting « quickies »).
That is what Kino is all about : A team of people will help you with your project, then you can help another person with theirs.

Quicky: A short film which is not more than 1min long, and does not require a project form to be filled out.

There will be filming equipment, ready to be borrowed from « The Shop ». However, the items aren’t numerous, and the situation may present itself when a participant has already borrowed the equipment that another one needs. The participants are encouraged to help each-other when it comes to shortages of equipment.
Equipment can be borrowed solely upon presentation of an approved and filled-out project form.
The lab is an editing room with computers at participant’s disposal to edit their films on. There is a team of editors there to help the participants in need of advice for the post-production of their films. To avoid any confusion, there is a schedule to access the computers. Participants may reserve slots on the schedule by talking to one of the lab managers.
Musicians and sound designers will be able to create their own music for the films they make, or for the projects they like. The KinoCaen team also has a sound bank that participants can browse through to add sound effects to their films. A recording studio will be at the disposal of the teams to record any voice-overs, and a computer for audio mixing will be available also.


The Makeup and wardrobe section will be open all week on the premises, with a large selection of clothing to be borrowed, and two makeup artists to help the actors look the part!


The KinoCaen team is there to give the participants with the most ambition the opportunity to bring their film to life. An assortiment of heavy machinery will be available, along with the professionals to operate them.


This year, there will be two public screenings at the Pierre Daure Amphitheatre (on the Monday and the Friday) to give the participants the chance to see their project on the big screen. The second screening (on the Wednesday) will be private and held at The Village for the participants who would like to keep their creations more private.


After each screening, the participants are invited back to the village for a party with a concert by a local artist.